About P. Hopman

About us

P. Hopman is a bulbexporter who once started in this historical building dated from the year 1868 in Hillegom, South-Holland.

Over a century ago, the first bulbs were exported from this building, and sent all over the world. Besides exporting bulbs all over the world, P. Hopman is also engaged in storage and transhipment. The tulips are specially grown by the most modern cultivation methods, where also using as less as possible pesticides is necessary. The cultivation takes place at a company which is for a very long time MPS-A+ certified. Also our suppliers are SMK certified.


Our suppliers are companies who uses as less as possible pesticides to protect its crops. They are from the beginning member of Milieu Project Sierteelt which is a Dutch program to look after Dutch companies when it comes to using pesticides.

Our suppliers are also MPS-A+ certificated, an international mark. MPS is about working durable, so using as less as possible protecting for crops, low energy usage, and so on.
Our suppliers are also PrimaBol certificated, a mark of the KAVB, a Dutch corporation of flower bulbs.

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